Friday, April 25, 2014

Filming at Lake Windermere in the Lake District

Apologies for the lack of posts on the blog, i've been fairly busy over the past month working on various film productions. I spent a fair amount of time working on my first feature film production as a 1st Assistant Cameraman, a film titled 'No Reasons', a dark drama based in Romford Essex written and directed by director Spencer Hawken of Hawken Rhodes productions. Was a very good experience working with a decently sized production crew over the three weeks, a big change from the one or two day shoots that I am used to working on. Production of the film is very near to completion, with 12 days of filming already wrapped, there are 2 more production days currently being planned.

A couple of months ago me and photographer Charlie Locke spent a day filming in and around the London area, it was a successful days of shooting and we both felt like improved filmmakers by the end of it. You can watch the video that I shot on that day trip, using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera here, and you can view the video that Charlie shot on the Canon 5D here.

The main reason for writing this post is to talk about a recent filming trip that me and Charlie went on. I wanted to arrange another day trip for filming round London, but it was bought to my attention that it would get boring very quickly if we stuck to London. After a little discussion it was decided that we would take a trip up North to the Lake District.

We stayed in a small town called Kendal, home of the famous Kendal Mint Cake, popular among hikers around the world. Our first day was spent filming around Kendal, we visited the central castle to begin with, then walked a few miles up a hill were we found a small stream and waterfall running through a forest. After struggling to find interesting subjects to film, this kind of made our day. We then headed back up to Kendal Castle were I managed to get some great silhouette shots during the sunset which fit perfectly at the end of my edit.

As always I packed lightly for this trip, I never want to let equipment get in my way when travelling about. For the majority of this trip I was carrying my tripod with the Manfrotto 700 RC2 fluid head, and a rucksack containing my Canon 600D DSLR, which had my Chinon 200mm f/3.5 attached to it for most of the trip, and other lenses used including the Paragon 28mm for wideshots,  and the 18-135mm when I was getting too tired to bother changing prime lenses around.  

On our second full day we caught a 6am train from Kendal to Windermere. It was a cold and rainy start to the day, this however meant that the lakes looked amazing during the sunrise. We randomly found a public footpath that lead to the lake, the path followed a stream of water which turned into a waterfall 5 times bigger than the one we found on the first day. At the bottom of the path was a stereotypical view of the lake, with a boat house, jetty and boats in the lake. Combined with the view of rising mist from the lake, this was probably one of the best views I have ever experienced in my life, was very peaceful being at the lakes early in the morning. 

I have added some screenshots taken from my short edit from Lake District. Musician Hadleigh Ford composed the beautiful soundtrack for the film.

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  1. The short was so good man! I love your eye! I have a couple of 600Ds myself that I've used over the last few years and now that I've seen your work(especially you being such a young cinematographer), I feel like I haven't really used them at all, lol!